Coaching Explained

What is Coaching?

The benefits of coaching are widely recognised. Coaching originated from sport and we know, most top sports people have a coach to help them to mentally prepare to play their best game. There are times when we could all benefit from having our own coach to help us to live our best lives. Coaching supports us in identifying what we want, how to get there and to pursue it with motivation and confidence.

Who is Coaching for?

Coaching is for those who wish to make a change in any aspect of life to enhance their happiness and wellbeing. When we find ourselves discontent, in a rut or dealing with a problem, it can feel like the more we think about it the further away the answer seems to be. This is because we often have a blind spot and get in our own way. Coaching helps to clear the fog, uncover the barriers and find a way forward.

How does it work?

Coaching works on the premise that we are all experts on ourselves. Only we, as a unique individual have the answers to our particular issues. The coach, as an objective listener, facilitates finding these answers, through asking the right questions and supporting the client in taking the steps towards their goal.

How does Coaching differ from Counselling or Therapy?

Coaching supports general life situations and looks to the present and future, focussing on what we want to achieve and how to get it. It is goal and action orientated. Counselling & therapy help people to overcome experiences, events or problems from the recent or distant past, which are affecting their present. These services normally support individuals with specific significant problems such as depression, bereavement, addiction, past or recent trauma and behavioural disorder.

How many sessions are needed?

This really does depend. I met a woman in the supermarket aisle once and after 10 minutes and a couple of coaching questions she skipped off happy with clarity on her decision. It depends on what the issue is and how far away you are from it. It is up to you though. You are in the driving seat. I just help with the navigation! 3 to 5 sessions would be normal, and usually 1.5 hours long.

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