Planning Your Retirement – The Modern Approach. (One-to-One Programme)

Longevity has given us the opportunity to take a new approach to ‘life after work’. With 25 to 30 active years ahead, many want to plan a whole new stage, where they can pursue new aspirations, tap into previously less used or even hidden talents and enjoy a stimulating and fulfilling next stage. At Coaching Matters we bring a fresh innovative, practical approach to support the modern-day retiree, in transitioning to this stage and in identifying and creating the future they want.
The objective of the programme is to support the individual in preparing for what is one of life’s most complex transitions and in getting the most from their next new stage. It is structured in 3 parts.


Part 1 - Sessions 1 & 2:  Getting ready and taking stock

  • Modern-day take on life in the 60s
  • ‘Thinking about our thinking’ for this next stage
  • Change and Transition – how it works
  • Taking stock – Where am I now?
  • Identity – Who am I now and who will I be?
  • Letting go to allow the new to emerge

Part 2 - Sessions 3 & 4:   Looking to the future

  • My passions, dreams and interests
  • What I want my next stage to look like
  • Building Resilience
  • My future vision

Part 3 – One to one coaching session

One-to-One Programme

Can be tailored to the individual

4 X 2 hour live One-to-One Sessions via Zoom plus
follow up live 1.5 hour Coaching Session.