Planning Your Retirement – The Modern Approach. (One-to-One Programme)

Longevity has given us the opportunity to take a new approach to ‘life after work’. With 25 to 30 active years ahead, many want to plan a whole new stage, where they can pursue new aspirations, tap into previously less used or even hidden talents and enjoy a stimulating and fulfilling next stage.



Part 1 - Sessions 1 & 2:  Getting ready and taking stock

  • Modern-day take on life in the 60s
  • ‘Thinking about our thinking’ for this next stage
  • Change and Transition – how it works
  • Taking stock – Where am I now?
  • Identity – Who am I now and who will I be?
  • Letting go to allow the new to emerge

Part 2 - Sessions 3 & 4:   Looking to the future

  • My passions, dreams and interests
  • What I want my next stage to look like
  • Building Resilience
  • My future vision

Part 3 – One to one coaching session

One-to-One Programme

Can be tailored to the individual

4 X 2 hour live One-to-One Sessions via Zoom plus
follow up live 1.5 hour Coaching Session.