Coaching for Organisations

Supporting employees through growth & change.

Coaching is a proven support which delivers and often exceeds the results expected by the organisation and is highly valued by the employee. 

At Coaching Matters we help you to help your employees to grow and thrive, to transition through change, to achieve the most from themselves and their teams, to prepare for the next role and to work through that extra tough challenge.


 Are you maximising your leadership potential?

Coaching is a powerful way of supporting leaders to grow in self awareness, stretch their skills and maximise their effectiveness and that of their teams.

Outplacement & Career Management

Does someone need a complete one to one career planning support process?

A step-by-step process to help you
re-evaluate the needs and work out what
the ideal next role would be.

Performance Enhancement

Is someone struggling?
Could a personal coach make a difference?

Significant results can be achieved
through offering employees access to
an expert coach.

Retirement Planning

Could your retirement support be enhanced
to meet the new needs of today’s retirees? 

A fresh innovative, practical approach to support the modern-day retiree. This support is provided through three format options.

Managing Change

Are some having difficulty adapting
to the new? 

Coaching can play a key role in helping
people to adapt to change – working through
the challenges for a smoother transition.  

Emotional Intelligence

Could greater Emotional Intelligence
benefit your organisation?

At Coaching Matters we have been trained
and accredited to administer the Roche
Martin Emotional Capital Assessment.

Seminars, Workshops & Programmes also available

We provide regular training on topics relevant for getting through and getting the most from our personal and work lives today.

Everyday Wellbeing

Understanding how our mind works and show us how to access our own well-being using a gentle mindful approach. Designed and co-delivered by Justin Phelan (Qualified Mindfulness Teacher) and Philomena McCabe.

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