What is coaching?
The benefits of coaching are becoming more and more widely recognised. Coaching originated from sport and we know, top sports people all have a coach to help them to mentally prepare to be at their best in their sport. There are times when we could all benefit from having our own coach to help us to mentally prepare to be at our best in our lives. It’s our state of mind, our mental attitude that influences how we feel and this drives our behaviour, which in turn dictates the outcome for us. Coaching is a powerful way of getting our thought processes to work for us, to achieve the outcomes we want.

How does coaching differ from counselling and therapy?
Coaching looks to the present and future and supports the client to set and achieve specific goals to enhance their personal or work life. Counselling, in the main, looks to the past, helping the client to resolve and heal emotional pain or conflict and improve their emotional state.

Who is coaching for?
Coaching is for those who wish to make changes or improvements in an aspect of their life to increase personal contentment and fulfilment.
Sometimes we realise we have settled for less and continue to tolerate an ongoing problem that is impacting on our overall sense of well being and zest for life, or we are trying to deal with a troubling situation or have difficulty with a big decision to be made. The problem area can be related to work, relationships, family, or lack of purpose and can cause stress, anxiety, apathy, low self esteem or lac99 confidence. In this situation it is difficult to see a ‘way forward’.

How does it work?
Coaching works by helping the client, through expert and experienced questioning, to articulate what exactly it is they want to change or achieve, in other words their goal, and then to uncover the options and solutions from within themselves. Coaching works on the premise that we are all individual and only our own answers are relevant for us (which is why we often switch off or get frustrated, when well meaning people try to force their advice on us).  So if we can dig deep and tap into our own resources with clarity, confidence and motivation, the job is done!! Through coaching we can do this, cutting through mental blockers and the sabotaging voice in our head, to identify and follow the right path.

How many sessions are needed?                                                                                                                                                                This really does depend.  I met a woman in the supermarket aisle once and after 10 minutes and a couple of coaching questions she skipped off happy with clarity regarding her decision. So it does depend on the issue, the level of self awareness you have to bring and on what your barriers are.  It is up to you though. You are in the driving seat.  I just help with the navigation.  3 to 5 sessions would be normal, and usually 1 hour long.

What is the cost and where are the sessions held?                                                                                                                            

  Coaching sessions are held at a mutually convenient location or at my premises. See contact details.

If you have an issue that is getting in the way of your happiness, even in the short term, click here for contact details.

What Clients Say

“I engaged Philomena at a midpoint in my career when It was time to make a number of decisions about direction. At the very beginning we spent time deciding on the outcomes I was interested in getting from our time and Philomena was excellent at making sure we didn’t lose track during the program. With a robust and strategic career development framework we were able to create a clear 5+ year plan. We did this based off a visioning exercise from our first session that helped to define my end goals.

 A key part of our program was to identify the areas of personal development that would help me on my way to achieve these goals and in particular with a view to taking on more senior leadership roles. Philomena’s first-hand experience of working in a large organisation was invaluable when I was discussing particular scenarios that impacted me.

 Overall I would highly recommend Philomena as a Career Development Coach to anyone interested in working towards a set of goals. I now feel that I have a forward looking blueprint to help me navigate through my professional life. I also feel with this new clarity that I am able to separate career from personal life thus improving my life balance.”

Stephen Lambert, Director, Global Professional Services, ServiceSource.


“Every session with Philomena has resulted in tangible, actionable and realistic benefits to myself personally and to my company. The tools Philomena has developed or guided me through have helped give a renewed purpose and direction to achieving results. Philomena herself is welcoming, warm and professional, with a wealth of business experience to pulon. Highly recommended. “ 

Ruth Rowan, Head of Digital, Concern Worldwide 


“I worked with Philomena at a transitional stage of my career where I was seeking new employment. She helped me to realise my strengths and values as a person and as an employee and supported me in establishing my desired career path. She guided me with her empathetic, encouraging and professional nature and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a career coach. She worked with me on methodologies for developing an effective CV, interview preparation techniques and on establishing my personal goals, values and work ‘style’. At times of personal and professional doubt I continue to refer back to the advice she gave, which has proved effective in times of important decision making’’

Dr. Ciara Moran, Co. Kildare.


“Although Philomena and myself I would say had a good connection, it was the redirection back to the connection with myself that makes Philomena so good at what she does.  She helps find what is already within and it has made such a difference in my life. I find I am looking to the future with less fear both at home and in work.  I give attention more to what’s important than trying to change things which are none of my concern.  Thank you Philomena for sharing your insights which perhaps only comes through experience”

Mark Callaghan, CEO, VIP Taxis


 “I never went to a life coach before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. But after my initial meeting with Philomena, she clearly outlined what it was she could and couldn’t do for me.  At the end of each eeting it was like she waved a magic wand of clarity over me.  Thoughts and previously unanswered questions were concluded and answered  by me, ut through Philomena’s guidance and probing.  I would highly recommend Philomena.  She is professional, trusting, warm and friendly.”

Angela Whyte, Head of Donor Marketing, Concern Worldwide.


“I was at a cross roads in my career and reached out to Philomena at the end of a career break. Initially, I wanted help with my job search, but as we worked together she challenged me to explore what I was really looking for out of work. She acted as that sounding board, which allowed me to hear myself articulate what I wanted to do. It was an absolutely rewarding and engaging process. I intend to maintain contact with Philomena, to support me through future work and life challenges”

Mary Buckley, Project Manager, Microsoft


“I have been fortunate and have enjoyed coaching-sessions over several months from Philomena for two different reasons. I have found this extremely helpful and empowering and would strongly recommend her to others who think that they could benefit from (management) coaching; and really: who would not? I genuinely believe that our development as people, both professionally and personally are areas you can and should always continue to grow in. Philomena can be a great help in doing so! She has also given me strategies to continue doing this myself now that my sessions with her have unfortunately come to an end. I will certainly miss them and would return to Philomena should I look for professional coaching in the future. I believe that even a few sessions can really make a difference in a way you would not expect beforehand. Philomena: thank you for everything!”

Mascha Murphy, HR Manager Overseas, Concern Worldwide


 “Being at the crossroads of my career I found Coaching Matters helped provide me with a roadmap for the future, tapping into what already exists and drawing it to the surface. With her ease and professional manner I found working with Philomena to be a pleasure but more importantly to be of great benefit in helping me find the right direction. For anyone planning to make decisions, big or small, or feeling indecisive around what they should do, a few hours spent with Philomena will help paint a clearer picture and benefit you enormously” 

Hugh Sweeney, Managing Director, Irish Lobster Ltd. 


“As a self employed business person 3 years in business now I came to the conclusion almost a year ago that one of the most important investments I should make was in myself and my frame of mind for business. This led me to Coaching Matters which has provided me and my business with a great platform to discuss and solve the problems I encounter. Since I started with Coaching Matters we have worked on areas I identified such as;


– Coping with the financial pressure at times to keep my business running in such a tough climate

– Managing and lowering my expectations from the business as a result of current market conditions 

– Developing a more can do attitude to business

– Removing personal barriers to progress and getting out of my own way

– To break down and find better ways to handle weekly internal and external business problems

– Coming out of my comfort zone more, particularly in relation to marketing the business

I have seen a big improvement in these areas and also other areas, I would recommend Coaching Matters to anyone reading this and suggest to anyone who is unsure to give it a try on a trial basis.’ 

Dublin based businessman.


“I was a colleague of Philomena’s on the recent DCU Ryan Academy Business Innovation Programme. After the course I met with Philomena in her capacity as career coach. I found Philomena’s coaching technique were excellent for providing clarity and focusing on a task orientated list of goals that you found yourself effortlessly doing. If you’re looking for clarity and focus to push forward in your career or business I would highly recommend Philomena McCabe of Coaching Matters.”

Orla Madden, Artist. 


Philomena is the first ever life coach I ever used and with her high level of professionalism and expertise, I gained invaluable insights and practical knowledge. I can confidently and with so much appreciation say that some of the ease that I am experiencing in my life today lends a lot of credit to her. Her services are simply great value at very high standards and the code of ethics which is imperative in the life coaching industry. Without any hesitation, I recommend Philomena for all life coaching needs and you will receive an experience that will stay with you for a very long time

Annette Young, Manager at Elite Lifestyle Management.


“Having worked in Diageo Ireland with Philomena over a number of years and finding myself looking for employment post redundancy, I decided to consult with Philomena in her capacity as a Career Coach. I got excellent advice on compiling my CV and invaluable help with Interview preparation and Elevator Speech. Philomena’s drive and attention to the end result, is second to none. Would highly recommend Coaching Matters to anyone who needs guidance with Career direction and job search. Philomena’s approach is pleasant, personable and highly motivating.”

Lesley Stout, Administrator.