Career Management

With 10 years experience in career management for all levels and all stages, our philosophy for career coaching is to take a step back and take stock, and re-evaluate your needs and the talents you bring. After this important step, we can then work out what the ideal next role would be and embark on the job search and preparation process. 

“I was at a cross roads in my career and reached out to Philomena at the end of a career break. Initially, I wanted help with my job search, but as we worked together she challenged me to explore what I was really looking for out of work. She acted as that sounding board, which allowed me to hear myself articulate what I wanted to do. It was an absolutely rewarding and engaging process. I intend to maintain contact with Philomena, to support me through future work and life challenges.

Our Process:


Take stock & reevaluate career values


Identify the right next career direction


Produce well crafted CV and LinkedIn profile


Job search & networking skills


Competency interview preparation and role play 


Terms negotiation 

Offering One-to-One Programmes

Information about Career Management Programme…Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs..

If you have a query relating to Career Management please get in touch to discuss options available to you.