Retirement Planning

Plan Your Retirement The Modern Approach

Get ready to meet your next stage with clarity, confidence and excitement!

Longevity has given us the opportunity to take a new approach to ‘life after work’. With 25 to 30 years ahead, many want to plan a whole new stage, where they can pursue new aspirations, tap into previously less used or even hidden talents and continue to engage and contribute to society. At Coaching Matters we bring a fresh innovative, practical approach to support the modernday retiree, in transitioning to this stage and in identifying and creating a future that will fulfil them.

Retirement Programmes


  • ‘Plan Your Retirement – The Modern Approach’ Programme (one to one).
  • The ‘Plan Your Retirement – The Modern Approach’ Programme (up to 12 participants). 
  • One to one coaching (open structure).

The course was very structured and organised.  It was way and beyond any pre-retirement event I had attended in the past.  The tools and techniques were excellent, really practical and useful