Retirement Planning


It’s Your Next Stage

Plan to Get the Most from it!

People are living longer and retiring from employment earlier, leaving a sizeable chunk of active healthy years ahead.   In fact, with current longevity the word ‘retirement’ is no longer pertinent.    It is really the third stage of life with a fourth yet to come, hopefully, a long way off!

The third stage brings wonderful opportunity but it is also a challenging time and to get the most from it, we need to understand and work through the challenges and work out how to create a new fulfilling future.  Most change is difficult, but this stage is particularly so, given that not only are we transitioning into a whole new life stage but also, leaving work affects all aspects of our lives; our identity, purpose, income, social interaction, relationships, and our time.  With all of this happening at once, it is no wonder that most ‘retirees’ can feel overwhelmed.

It is also a time of great possibilities  – we have the freedom to create a new lifestyle, experience new things and seek fulfilment in different ways.  For many the problem is not knowing what they want, what will give them back their sense of purpose and how to get it.

Working with a coach can be very beneficial in navigating the changes and working out what you want from your third stage of life. Coaching can help bring clarity, confidence and motivation and help you to consciously make choices that will serve you.

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