Pro-Active Retirement Programme



It’s Your Retirement – Plan to get the most from it!


People are living longer and retiring from employment earlier, leaving a sizeable chunk of active healthy years ahead. Retirement brings a wonderful opportunity to experience new things and spend more time engaged in what we love doing.  For many, the problem is, not knowing just what that is.

Paid work may well have to be part of the plan, and now we have a golden chance to tap into our talents and pursue getting an income from what we truly love doing.  We have the freedom to redesign our lifestyle.  However, this does not happen automatically – it takes preparation and planning – preparing for change and planning for the future. Unfortunately, in many cases these aspects are neglected and the opportunity for taking full advantage of this new life stage slips through our fingers.


I have personal experience of embarking on this journey, having taken early retirement after 32 years working with Diageo Ireland.  Since then I have changed career to follow my own passion and entered the world of coaching and training and I am particularly passionate about helping others to make the very most of this great life stage. Through combining my career background, understanding of psychology, and coaching and training expertise I have designed this program to help gear people up for modern retirement.


About the Programme

This is a comprehensive programme, facilitating a hands-on approach to discovering what you could and would love to be doing in this exciting stage of life.  Key elements of the course are:

  • understanding and dealing with the ‘change factor’
  • Exploring your passion and purpose for this next stage and developing the plans, through goal setting, to achieve the lifestyle you truly want.


Topics Covered

  • The meaning of modern retirement. Dealing with significant change
  • Personal identity,
  • Values, Interests and Strengths
  • Creating purpose and meaning
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Relationships
  • Health and Leisure
  • Self Belief and Positive Attitude


Programme Format

2 workshop days

These rich and engaging workshops are delivered, using a variety of learning techniques including, group discussion, personal reflection and individual and group exercises.