Outplacement Services

Many organisations are now providing staff with a budget for support services on exiting their company. This is hugely beneficial to the employee as it enables them to select the type of support they really need and gives them a greater sense of control and choice. I have met so many people who have gone through redundancy and told me “my company spent a lot of money on our outplacement support but it was not what I needed – it was too generic – focused on looking for a new job or retirement – as I was neither, I got limited benefit from it”. Most people will opt for coaching, if it is available, as this gives them the ultimate in tailored personal individual support.

Having specialised in career coaching, I have developed a thorough end to end process which covers all aspects required for successful career transition from working through the fundamental question of ‘what do I really want to work at?’ to CV and interview preparation and job search.

We can help clients with any or all of the following topics

  • Recognising and articulating strengths and skills
  • Identifying the right next career direction – including setting up new business
  • Producing a well crafted CV
  • Creating a LinkedIn Profile
  • Competency Interview Preparation
  • Job Search and networking skills
  • Business coaching and mentoring

Group Workshops

We work with organisations to develop tailor made workshops incorporating selected elements from the above menu to meet their specific requirements.  Additional individual coaching is a highly beneficial and valued feature.

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