Employee & Executive Coaching

Many organisations demonstrate a real and strong commitment to supporting staff in achieving their goals and reaching their potential by providing coaching services. Whether it is a senior executive, team leader or staff member – we all have objectives to achieve and performing at our peak brings job fulfilment for the individual and positive impact on the bottom line for the company. Everybody wins!

I believe that positive productive relationships are a key factor to success in any role.  By and large we all get things done through other people – whether we are managing downwards, upwards, or sideways, we are constantly influencing people to enable us to deliver the results we want. How often do we ask ourselves – what impact does my behaviour have on those around me? – does it inspire eagerness or just compliance, or even resistance? How tuned in am I to others?

Coaching helps us to bring out the very best in ourselves through self awareness, self development and confidence building.  Through coaching we

  • Develop emotional intelligence.
  • Improve performance and develop our skills
  • See new perspectives and solutions to problems
  • Create and maintain excellent positive relationships
  • Recognise our strengths and build confidence
  • Clarify issues and overcome obstacles

Coaching empowers and motivates people to make positive change.

CIPD Report

In their survey titled ‘The Coaching Climate, 2011’, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that of those who responded, 77% of companies use coaching and of these 80% report that they have increased their usage and spend on coaching over the previous 2 years.  The report also shows that coaching is valued in lifting capability in good performers and improving employee engagement as well as tackling poor performance.  goto Coaching-climate-2011 report

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