Personal Planning

How would you rate your satisfaction with life out of 10.  If it’s an 8 or 9 congratulations!  However, many of us tolerate a low to medium overall rating  or dissatisfaction in one aspect is  impacting on other areas.   If you are one of those, why not make a decision to change that rating.  Coaching offers a positive, action focused approach to investing in ourselves and our future.

Career Planning

Looking at career options? Whether it’s changing career, starting up your own business or looking for a new job this is a time to re-assess at what, where and with whom you really want to be working.  A good result needs more than reviewing your CV and doing interview preparation.

 It makes sense to take the time to challenge yourself to explore all the options and plan for the future work life you really want.

Through coaching I can help you to dig deep and uncover what you would truly love to be doing and help you work through the path to get there.  

Retirement Planning

Are you planning to exit from work in the near or even not so near future, or have you already done so?

You are not on your own if the whole idea raises some fears.  Do you have worries such as

  • Can I afford to stop working?
  • What will I do with my time?
  • Will I miss my friends and colleagues?
  • How will I describe myself and what I do? Am I ready to hang up my boots?
  • Will I be ok with all these changes?

These are all valid questions and concerns which are not easily addressed on our own.

 This programme is a response to modern retirement and is designed to inspire participants to take stock, discover their passion, and put plans in place to seize the opportunity to shape the lifestyle they want.